Cancer Fight

After a great deal of research related to cancer, one might come to the conclusion that it's an enormous dysfunction of the body components, in its fundamental component level. Looks like the causes and treatments are so large in number, that a proper definition lacks more than the proper treatment. Surely, this would not be diagnosed with only a few cells being cancer cells, but we get the idea. So far, and that for the last 50-60 years, two kinds of treatments where available, and those were both harmful to the good cells as well as to the cancer cells, i.e. radiation and chemo therapy. Basically, while we were killing the cancer cells, we were killing the good cells too, we were killing the fly with a hammer. But that was all that was available for these past years. Surgery is probably most often an option. So basically, if cancer didn't kill the patient, the therapy would get one close to it. Alternatives existed, and those included getting back to healthy life and healthy way of living - some might say, or using cannabis oils to slow down the process and sometimes even cure if in an early stage. Lately, the alternatives emerging are methods that more precisely target the chemicals to the cancer cells, imuno-therapy with better identification of cancer cells, as well as better targeted radio and ray tools. What is probably more discouraging is the fact that even though there is progress made in diagnosing and treating, little to no progress is made in preventing, and possibly the least progress is made in educating people that a great deal of the cancer fight should be done individually with a healthy way of living and early detection through regular doctor visits. Will be sharing more about all of this- so jump in with any idea you may have about this